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The Sankofa Experience


Using Sankofa as a guiding principle, we provide sex and relationship therapy as well as premarital therapy. Also, we are Kink and Poly aware.

We are not accepting new clients at this time.

Sex Therapy
Relationship Therapy and Coaching
  • Communication difficulties

  • High-conflict relationships

  • Co-parenting

  • Infidelity

  • Remarriage

  • Divorce and separation

Therapy and Coaching
  • Orgasm difficulties ((lack of orgasm, rapid or delayed ejaculation)

  • Arousal problems

  • Differences in sexual desire among partners

  • LGBTQQIA concerns

  • Pain before, during, or after sex

  • Erectile dysfuction

  • Sexuality and chronic illness

  • Polyamory issues

  • Fetish and paraphillias

  • And more...


Although a lot of time is often devoted to preparing for the wedding day, it's important to take time to ready yourself for the actual marriage. Therapy is provided in six to eight session where you will have the opportunity to cover issues related to communication, finances, family roles and expectations, and, of course, romance. Services can be provided from a faith-based perspective if requested.

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