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What is the Sankofa Approach?

Sankofa is an Adinkra symbol from the Akan people of Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire which means "go back to the past in order to build for the future." In using the spirit of Sankofa as the basis of therapeutic intervention, we understand the importance of valuing each client's unique personal history and examine how it can influence concepts of self-identity and visions for the future. Although we don't encourage clients to remain in the past, in the Sankofa Approach, we seek to learn from the past and "go back and fetch" what we need so we can move forward and create the present and future we desire.

The Sankofa Experience

- Individual Therapy

- Relationship Therapy

- Sex Therapy

- Pre-marital Therapy

The Hathor Experience

​- Women-specific Workshops

- Group Therapy


We are available to speak on various topics, from relationships and self-esteem to sexuality. Contact us for more information.

Professional Organizations
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