Classes and Workshops


Talking to Your Kids About Sex

Have you had "the talk" with your kids? Come to learn ways to handle challenging conversations with your youth about sex and sexuality.


50 Shades of Bae

Fifty Shades of Grey opened a whole new world to a lot of people although it didn't do the best job of explaining how to safely incorporate kink in the bedroom. Come to learn a basic understanding of BDSM get tips from our favorite Passion Parties Consultant.


Good Girls Don't Do That (and other myths)

In 2013, we had an amazing workshop where participants broke down the good girl image and what it was she did and did not do. Join us again as we take the conversation a step forward and work toward dispelling myths about what good girls don't do.


Couples Intensives and Workshops

Periodically, SST will provide couples workshops to enhance communication and work towards building intimacy. Contact us if you would like to host a workshop at your organization or place of worship.