Sexuality plays in an integral part in our lives and the professionals at Sankofa Sex Therapy provide comprehensive sexuality education and therapy to facilitate positive change.



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Tips for a Happy, Healthy Sex Life After Rape

April 22, 2015


Check out De-Andrea's interview with where she spoke about healing after sexual assault.

Women's Health Magazine Feature
September 14, 2015

De-Andrea was featured on Women's Health Mag's website in this article discussing ways to enhance foreplay.

The Sankofa Experience utilizes the SST approach in providing individual and couples therapy. 

The Sankofa Experience

Named after the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of joy, feminine love, and motherhood, the Hathor Experience includes women-specific groups and workshops.

The Hathor Experience
The Ujana Experience

Swahili for "youth," The Ujana Experience provides educational workshops related to sex and sexuality for both youth and parents wanting to learn how to speak with their youth about sex.

Sex for the Saints


Are you interested in reading about sexuality from a Christian perspective? Check out this blog!

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